United Way Winnipeg has started a website to streamline the process of donating to organisations that help refugees.

Instead of worrying about donating $10 to 20 different organisations helping refugees, now you can just make a $200 donation through this website and the United Way makes sure it goes to the right place.

Jodene Baker, a volunteer with United Way Winnipeg says, "helprefugees.ca is a one-stop website where people can go and make a donation in confidence. United way is working collaboratively with all community agencies to determine where the need is most so people can trust that every dollar of their donation is really going where it's going to make the biggest difference."

Baker explains, "there are so many agencies in Winnipeg that are already on the ground doing so much work and there is a need for help for all of those agencies. For people who want to help right now, it would be time-consuming for them to have to go to all 20 plus agencies and read about them and learn and call them and find out where the money is needed most. This way there's one place they can donate."

You can find more information at the helprefugees.ca website.

If people want to donate items instead of funds, you can go to United Way's website where they have an updated list of what is currently most needed.

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