Back to School is set to get underway at one Winnipeg Christian school with an exciting concert, and it's open to everyone.

Linden Christian School will be bringing Unspoken to town on September 17, 2023, at Grant Memorial Church. The concert promises not just a night filled with soul-stirring music but also an opportunity to be a part of a great cause.

Supporting Christian Education:

The concert is in support of Linden Christian School and their "Pave the Way" fundraiser.

Christian education plays an invaluable role in shaping young minds, and Unspoken is all-in for supporting this noble cause. As Chad Matthison, the lead singer of Unspoken, puts it, "any time we get to be a part of Christian education and discipling kids, that's what we should be doing. And so when we have an opportunity to support Christian education by doing a concert, I say, 'hallelujah.'"

Unspoken's musical journey is characterized by its mix of R&B, pop, and soul influences, which they've used to craft meaningful tracks over the years. Their commitment to producing sincere and reflective music has gained them a dedicated fanbase.

How to Get Tickets:

Don't miss out on this special evening. To secure your spot, purchase tickets at this link.

Also, be sure to listen to CHVN for your chance to win tickets over the next few weeks leading up to the concert.

Join us for an evening of compelling music from Unspoken and support the advancement of Christian education at Linden Christian School.