The Dead Sea Squirrels is a new animated series that will bring the story of Jesus' life to your living room.

The man behind the voice of Larry the Cucumber, also a co-creator of Veggie Tales, is working on a new Bible-based tv show, the Christian Post reports.

Mike Nawrocki's show will follow a 10-year-old boy named Michael who finds two preserved squirrels during an archaeological dig in the Dead Sea area. Michael decides to bring the squirrels home with him to show them to his friends.

Over time, the squirrels come back to life and share their story with Michael.

Originally from Galilee, the squirrels have quite the tale to tell, sharing about seeing Jesus's teachings and doings firsthand

Nawrocki prays the show will "make a connection to the Bible and life of Jesus" for kids and parents watching.

Disney animator Tom Bancroft will co-produce the show, which is based on books of the same name written by Nawrocki. Bancroft is known for his work on The Lion King, Aladdin, and other classics.

Steve Taylor, a Christian producer and artist, will also help produce the show.

Nawrocki, however, is retaining full rights to control The Dead Sea Squirrels.

"Everyone is committed to Mike Nawrocki's version and agrees he should retain creative control over the series' content," reads an announcement about the show on it's Kickstarter fundraiser.

This is why the show's producers decided to take a route other than traditional investor funding to get the show started. However, the help of some investors in addition to Kickstarter funds raised brought together the funds needed for the team to get started on production.

Nawrocki says he's "thrilled" to see the show come to life.

"The beginnings of the idea came to be over a dozen years ago. So, to get the opportunity to write a book series and now move into animation—it is a longtime dream come true."