The warm weather is great for getting outside and enjoying the winter, but it may end up bring harsh on your car.

The above-zero temperatures are leading to an increased number of potholes on the road. "Anytime you receive daytime highs above zero or overnight lows just below zero where you have that freeze-thaw effect, that is definitely a contributing factor along with the moisture to create potholes," Jim Berezowsky, City of Winnipeg Manager of Streets Maintenence said. "We have crews on 24/7 to deliver winter maintenance operations and part of [that] is called cold-mix patching."

Berezowsky says the City of Winnipeg has a material that is pliable and workable in the colder temperatures to fix potholes that appear at this time of year. He says that, because potholes happen as the condition present themselves, citizens should contact 311 if they do spot a pothole that needs to be fixed. "We do have staff that are trying to assess the streets and when they come across those type of road surface failures, we're scheduling those repairs in."

Because of the warm weather as well, snow clearing operations are able to take a bit of a break as the temperatures are helping to alleviate windrows. "The biggest thing for the city is getting those windrows in downtown and in front of commercial businesses . . . and school zones, intersections, and crossings," Berezowsky says, but otherwise, the snow clearing will settle down for the next few weeks depending on the weather.