A man from Steinbach recently started a ministry that helps church worship leaders hone their skills,  helping them be effective in their local church. 

"We were trying to think of ways that we could get more involved in music ministry in Steinbach and Southeast Manitoba. We saw a real need for a worship band for hire," says Jeff Neufeld. 

Thus, Rescue Story was created. 

"We started about a year ago getting together and working towards that goal. I started playing music with Island Breeze myself."

Island Breeze is a division of YWAM in Manitoba. 

"I am on staff part-time with them and my work with Rescue Story is an extension of that."

Neufeld and his wife Alissa have four children, seven-years-old and under. In his recent Christmas video, the children are dancing around him as he performs. During the second song, Alissa joins Neufeld in singing.

"We're a little zany in our house and wonder what our neighbours think of us in the living room sometimes. We like to have a good time," says Neufeld.

Rend Collective is one of the family's favourite bands, which is where some of the tones come from in the video. 

"Our church did a live stream event last week for Christmas and we were able to be apart of that. It was our family huddled on one side of the stage and our kids learned some Christmas songs for that."

The children got their dance move inspirations from the Peanut Christmas movie, according to Neufeld. 

"My oldest son Anders, he did a good job on the violin for the second song in the video. Dad did a little bit of studio magic for it. If anybody has tried violin you know how difficult it is."

The video was released on December 23 to YouTube. Neufeld has been working on it for the past month.

As for the future of the new ministry, Neufeld says they want to continue encouraging people. 

"A big part of what we want to do is whatever platforms we end up having to share and talk about mental health. At this time we know that being isolated and alone is really hard so we are looking ahead to some projects with that theme," he says.