Up-and-coming Christian hip-hop artist Wande is sharing her collaboration with well-known artist Lecrae on a remix of her song 'Blessed Up'.

The artist has now been on the Christian music scene for two years and celebrated that with a new remix.

"With this new 'Blessed Up Remix,' I wanted to create a video that would draw attention and celebrate some dope entrepreneurs within the black community," says Wande in an interview with New Release Today. " I want to invite people to experience a bit more of what their day-to-day looks and feels like and witness the importance and beauty in my community."

Christian rap and hip-hop artist Lecrae is featured in the video.

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"Me and @omgitswande supporting the home team and highlighting all these incredible women who are creating a legacy," says Lecrae on Instagram on the day of the remix video release.

Wande, only in her mid 20s is making waves in the Christian music scene and also recently got engaged at the beginning of March. 

"Basically I just started using rapping as a tool to evangelize and I would literally tell people the gospel through rapping," Wande says in one of her YouTube videos.

She is Nigerian born but raised in Texas, and she became the first female artist signed to the hip-hop label, Reach Records. 

"Send them prayers up, lean into God’s plan, trust Him, and kill your pride...that’s how you really live #BlessedUp," Wande says on her Instagram. 

Wande's first album, Exit, came out in 2020 with 10 songs on it.