Christian rapper and Grammy-award winner Lecrae is working on a new mixtape, Church Clothes 4

In July 2020, just before releasing his album Restoration, Lecrae publicly announced that this might be his last full album recorded. 

During an exclusive interview with Rapzilla's Editor-in-Chief, Justin Sarachik, Lecrae said that is “how he is feeling right now” and he’s not sure if he’ll ever make another full-featured album.

On January 11, 2021, Lecrae posted a video to Facebook simply saying "It has begun. #CC4". 

"I'll definitely say this: I'm OK if I don't ever tour again. I'm fine never touring. It doesn't mean I won't do shows. I guess what I'll say more than anything is if this is my last album, I'm OK with that," Lecrae says in an interview with Christian Post of Restoration. "I'm OK if I never tour again. I'm very content. I'm in a good space."

Church Clothes included 18 songs and was released May 10, 2012. It was his first mixtape. 

Church Clothes 2 was released the following year in November of 2013, and Church Clothes 3 was released in January of 2016, through his label Reach Records.

Lecrae has also been busy with his music featured on an Amazon Prime movie, A Night in Miami, an original soundtrack for Spiderman Miles Morales for Playstation.