Rose Church's Worship band is releasing their second single called 'Nothing Left', their victory song about Easter.

Justin Anderson is the worship leader at Rose Church and the lead singer of the worship band called Rose Worship.

"I hope people connect with it, we had a lot of fun making it. We wanted something upbeat to incorporate the feelings and the emotion people have for Easter," says Anderson.

The band consists of some well-known Christian artists from around Winnipeg including Karli and Sean Quigley from Bold as Lions, Micah Zacharias and Manuel Unrau who've both played for Jordan St. Cyr, Alex Stobbe, and Carine Bado who has also released some of her own music recently.

"We sat down a month before Easter with the leadership team at Rose and we decided we wanted to write a song for our Easter service. Sean had a bridge that he wrote but we weren't sure we'd have enough time to build an entire song around this, but I remembered that I had a chorus that I worked on about a year ago."

Those two components came together to create 'Nothing Left'.

"We have been online since we [Rose Church] started and we've been recording from home since November. Recently we have acquired a space that allows us to practise and record worship there," says Anderson.

Their Easter service was pre-recorded and fully online for the congregation.

"Hopefully we can write some more songs in the future," says Anderson about the worship group. They now have two singles out for the public to hear.