Steinbach based musician, Danny Plett, is finding a new reserve of creativity during the COVID-19 pandemic. His latest song, Glorious Adonai, comes as a tribute for his mother, who recently finished her earthly journey.

"The isolation has focussed my mind on certain things which has gotten my creative gears moving again. I've written a lot of songs, including Glorious Adonai. I wrote it about four days before my mom was able to go."

Plett says the funeral itself observed the same social distancing guidelines being experienced everywhere else.

"We were limited to just 10 people, which is just too small. Nephews couldn't come, grandkids couldn't come. There was just enough room for my siblings and their spouses. It was lived streamed and we know people were able to view it in different places. But it was surreal. We were celebrating her life in this empty room with chairs spaced out for social distancing."

This leaves little opportunity for closure for the many people affected by her life.

"She influenced so many people. She had many friends and impacted many in the community. So many would have liked to attend."

Plett says his response was to write and process through music.

"As I was writing it, I was remembering how she loved music and how it completely informed her life. She was a good singer, but couldn't sing for the last year of her life because lung cancer took her voice away. So, as I'm writing it, I'm imagining her singing it in the heavenly realm and how that when she arrives there, her voice will be free and she'll be able to sing in God's presence."

Plett's musical career has spanned decades. Beginning in Manitoba, Plett relocated to Germany, where he worked with what was then called Janz Team, now Teach Beyond, for 22 years.

"Seven years ago we moved back from Canada and I served as a worship pastor at a church in Steinbach. Now, we're transitioning back into working with Teach Beyond, where I'll be doing international concerts, teaching and mentoring."

Currently, Plett is planning on following through with plans of international ministry in the Fall.