While bitterly cold temperatures don't shock Manitobans, a news station down south was astounded at just how cold it gets in Winnipeg.  

Jeremy Wat is the Creative Arts Pastor at Oasis Church in Winnipeg, and he has been for 10 years. As a lot of his work is done with video, he decided to have some fun with his kids during the extreme cold weather that lasted into March here in Winnipeg.

"Seeing how cold it was, it was a bit of cabin fever," says Wat. "My kids were like, 'Why do we have to bundle up?' I said, 'I'll tell you why. No, I'll show you why.'"

That's when Wat went outside when it was minus 26 degrees but feeling more like minus 40 degrees Celsius with the windchill in January. He grabbed some freshly cooked ramen noodles and chopsticks. Within six minutes the noodles froze in midair, chopsticks and all. Wat also experimented with a raw egg, cracking it and watching it freeze as it was coming out. 

A news station called Right This Minute, based out of Arizona, found Wat's video and talked about the drastic difference in weather on their show with the video included. 

"As soon as they [the news station team] saw the temperature, it was a big 'ol 'Nope.' I have family in the states so when I showed them, they were like, that is unreal. Yeah, people still go to work, people still go to school when it's that cold out."

The one news anchor admitted that it was 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which is plus 21 degrees Celsius and he shared that he had a sweater on, while the other news anchor said she had her fuzzy socks on. 

"That's camping weather for us," says Wat. "A huge shout out to everyone that has to work outside enduring that cold."