Heidi Korte says her COVID-19 project came to her as an idea from God.

The musician likes to think that God had a sense of humour. She says sometimes she will be struck with a funny idea and believes God is sharing a joke with her.

"For me, it feels like an inside joke between God and I," Korte says. She adds that it is "awesome the way God will talk to me and give me a funny idea."

Her latest project, a cover of "Lonely Town," came from an idea she was given. Korte decided to run with the idea, creating a music video in her neighbourhood.

020/05/heidi_korte_2.PNG" alt="(Screenshot: Heidi Korte/YouTube)" width="350" />(Screenshot: Heidi Korte/YouTube) Korte learned the cover song over the course of a month on each instrument and recorded the audio for the track at home. 

Her cover of "Loney Town" by Vulfpeck was Korte's way of making light of the situation. Sporting pyjamas and a robe, Korte added relatable elements of the pandemic.

"Out of all the things I have done, this is maybe the most tricky."

Following the COVID-19 theme, Korte wore a mask in the video, but it caused difficulties. 

"The mask that I wore the whole time sounded like Darth Vador," Korte jokes.

While the video was about a "population of one," Korte enlisted the help of many people to create it.

Korte's music video was filmed in her own neighbourhood in Winnipeg with the help of a friend. The grumpy-looking people in her video were actually her neighbours playing along.

"The man that I sort of galloped across the road after, he was absolutely great."

The musician wants to let her neighbours in the video know it is complete but joked that she forgot to find out where they lived.