This holiday season, a local singer is encouraging people to focus on the Christ in Christmas. 

Nasah Vie is one of the worship leaders at Christ Embassy Christian Centre, a church in downtown Winnipeg. She has also released a Christmas single called 'Real Christmas Season.' 

"When I grew up celebrating Christmas, I grew up in Nigeria, we never celebrated Christmas with the intent of leaving Christ out it," says Vie. "So my parents, both Christians, told us that when we got gifts, baby Jesus gave you that gift."

This was Vie's inspiration for writing this new single. 

"I wanted to bring the message back of why we celebrate Christmas. We celebrate because it's the birth of our Lord Jesus. It's one way we remind ourselves what He did because, without a birth, there wouldn't have been any death. There's significance behind it and it's a wonderful time to thank the Lord for what He did, which was to ultimately come to earth to give us eternal life."

Vie added a jazzy sound to the song because of her love for the genre. 

"I've been writing songs for a long time, this song I wrote in 2016 but I never released it. But I guess the Lord said now it's time to share this message. My inspiration comes from what the word of God says. I don't have a pulpit, but I have my medium, which is through song."

Vie's favourite Christmas tradition is attending church on Christmas Day. 

"There is no purer love than being able to share that in fellowship with like-minded people when you go to church."

Christ Embassy Christian Centre is having a Christmas Day service online and in-person.