If Manitoba's COVID-19 numbers do not decrease, the province is warning more restrictions could be in store next week.

Recent jumps in COVID-19 cases are concerning the medical lead of the province's vaccination task force.

"It looks like we are in the beginning of a third wave," Dr. Joss Reimer says in a Friday press conference. 

The slow-arriving vaccines coupled with jumps in cases and variants of concern are leading to her cautioning.

"If we cannot slow the transmission of COVID-19, Manitobans may see more restrictions in the days ahead."

Reimer says Manitobans must protect each other until the vaccines are in arms. She says staying home and wearing a mask will make an impact. The doctor says COVID-19 enforcement will be active this weekend.

She says the increasing number of varieties of concern is an issue.

"It is starting to become clear to use in public health that these increases over the last couple of days are the initial signal that this could be starting in Manitoba."

Public Health officials are analyzing what is happening in other provinces and what is being seen in Manitoba right now.