The first significant summer storm of the season rolled through Winnipeg Thursday night, bringing substantial rainfall and hail to parts of the city.  

“There was a report in the Lindenwoods area of toonie sized (hail)” says Justin Shaer, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada.  

Quick downbursts brought flash flooding to areas with water pooling on roads and in underpasses. 

“The airport itself reported 17 mm of rain relatively quickly,” says Shaer.  

With additional rainfall overnight, the 24-hour rainfall total in the city is just over 20 mm, he says.  

“It’s been a pretty wet and unstable, unsettled pattern of late.”  

Tornado warnings were issued, though there have been no reports of sightings.  

“Based on what we were looking at on radar and on satellite, storms did show some indication that it was a potential,” explains Shaer.  

There were significant wind gusts in Winnipeg and through the Red River Valley, with Morris reporting winds up to 90 km/h.  

With a low-pressure system moving in from Saskatchewan, more of the same wet and potentially stormy weather is expected today and into the weekend.  

Storms are expected in Westman and into the Parklands region before tracking into the Red River Valley.  

“We've got 10 to 20mm (of rainfall) in the forecast for the city,” says Shaer. “We could see higher amounts under any thunderstorm as well, which is pretty typical with the summertime thunderstorm activity.” 

Clearer skies are forecast as of Sunday, when a ridge of high pressure is expected to make its way into the province.  

“It always feels like the classic May long in southern Manitoba,” says Shaer. “It’s going to rain at least at some point.”