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If you recall from last week, just like a coffee cup holds your morning coffee, a TFSA stores your tax-free money, and an RRSP is the same but it stores your taxable money.  

So, where is the best place for you to store your money?

Would you benefit more from storing your money in a tax-free tool like a TFSA? 
Or would you benefit more from storing your money in a taxable tool like an RRSP? 
Or would you benefit from storing money in both?

We all need to store our money somewhere. And since each one of us has a unique financial situation, the answer to the question “Where should I store my money?” may be different for you than for me. Having the right answer for you however, will save you money in taxes. And probably a lot of it.

The problem is most people still assume that getting a tax break today by using an RRSP is their best option, and saving them money. But is it true?

It could be true, but for a lot of people, it’s not true at all.

Knowing the right place to store your money - for you and your financial situation -will help you to pay less tax throughout your lifetime, which ultimately leaves more money in your pocket to live off of, to use and to give away in the future. 

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