Willie Sutton (1901 – 1980) was a notorious bank robber in the U.S.  When asked why he continued to rob banks he replied, “That’s where the money is.” 

So, Sutton’s Law is formulated like this – wherever wealth is accumulated someone will try to steal it. 

Regarding our money, we must be very conscious of where we are storing it.

The government is always in need of more money.  If we are storing most or all our money in RRSP’s or other taxable accounts, CRA will come for it. 

Right now, there is about $1 trillion in RRSPs that have never been taxed

That is a debt that is owed to the government and you don’t know what tax rate you will pay when you want to withdraw it in retirement. 

We must be aware of Willie Sutton’s Law – if you have money in these registered accounts – CRA will come looking for it.