Like Marvel's Avenger Initiative, non-profits in Winkler are gathering for an epic team-up at 545 Industrial Drive in Winkler.

With the latest expansion, anyone with a need in Winkler, from birth to middle age, can be served out of the single location. And the property has room to add even more community services.

"We now have a majority of the needs of this community covered in one central location," Bunker Executive Director Kevin Hildebrand says.

From Central Station Community Centre's Healthy Baby program, to the Bunker's youth ministry and now the Winkler Food Cupboard's food voucher program for families, single parents and individuals, the location has become the hub for services many once envisioned.

It's thanks to an ownership group that has grown to nearly 50 business leaders, farmers and individuals that support the work of the Bunker from behind the scenes.

Their support has allowed the Bunker to shift East on the property, making room for the food cupboard.

"I hate moving, I hate change," Hildebrand says. "But I was willing to do it, because I could just see the common sense of having the food cupboard here, centralized in Winkler."

The Winkler Food Cupboard's current location on Cargill Road means many must walk a long ways to pick up groceries. It's expected they'll make the move to 545 Industrial Drive later this month.

Now, when a parent drops off a teen at the Bunker, they can stop by Central Station and discover the many services and programming options available, and vice versa.

"It works really well that we're covering such a broad spectrum of needs in this community," he says.

Currently, the Bunker ministry is putting the finishing touches on its new digs.

"It's been this whirlwind of moving and building, construction and contractors over the last four months," Hildebrand says.

He notes programming was able to continue uninterrupted throughout the process.