A lost bear has found its way home thanks to a social media post.

Last week, Vancouver (YVR) airport posted a photo of a Winnie the Pooh stuffie asking for help locating its original owner. 

"On April 24th, around 3:30 p.m., this adorable Winnie the Pooh was left at Joe & the Juice in US Departures. Can you help us reunite him with his owner?" asked YVR Airport in a Tweet.

Yesterday, the airport announced that they had found the owner.

"With a brand new YVR suitcase full of honey and a VIP lanyard in tow, Pooh has been reunited with his family and is on his way home."

People chimed in from near and far, excited that the stuffed animal was flying home to its owner in Houston, Texas. 

"I was skeptical Pooh’s human would be found to be honest, but I’m so happy to hear he’s going home and with some YVR swag by the looks of it! Hope you liked your stay Pooh!" said Caroline Lepine in another Tweet.

"Great ending to a story of separation! Reunions are what airports are often about!" said Hugh Kruzel in a Tweet.

YVR airport says they are thankful to their airport community for taking great care of the teddy bear during his visit.