What began as a letter to friends and family has turned into Debra Peters's first published work, The Certainty in Uncertain Times

"The book hits two target audiences," says Peters. "It's both for the seeker as well as the believer. The word tells us that our people die from a lack of knowledge. The knowledge is the word of God."

Peters started writing the letter during COVID. 

"What triggered it was seeing mass destruction on a massive scale with COVID. I started reading stories about suicide and the lack of hope that people felt during this crisis. There will be crisis in our life."

Peters not only writes from a Biblical standpoint but also her own hardships of battling depression. 

"What grounds us? What roots us? What anchors us? That's the hope in Jesus Christ. I write about that hope."

The Certainty in Uncertain Times is available for purchase everywhere Christian books are sold.