Winnipeg Christian filmmaker Paul Plett partnered up with Mennonite Church of Canada to travel to Kenya to put his filmmaker skills to work with a number of projects.

When not focused on the projects for the Mennonite Church of Canada, Plett is using his time to focus on his personal project Kids Shorts. Plett says the goal behind Kids Shorts is to create new material for use in the church,

"Kids Shorts is a modern day retelling of biblical stories from the perspective of a child. I hope [Kids Shorts] can one day be used a Sunday school material for the Church."

Kids Shorts originally started as a Kickstarter project where Plett sought to raise $30,000. After falling significantly short on that goal and receiving nothing for his efforts, Plett continued to seek both funding and opportunity to make his vision a reality. Two of those visions that are becoming reality are titled "Hope in the Dry Season" which is a modern day retelling of the story of Job and "The Lost Goat" which is a modern day retelling of the prodigal son and both have now finished casting.

Darlene Wambui will play Hope in "Hope in the Dry Season" and Kisetu Sukuro will play James in "The Lost Goat".

Filming is expected to be completed by mid-summer with post-production taking Plett into the fall before completion.