After the latest Manitoba Flood Report, the City of Winnipeg has identified at-risk properties for a potential spring flood. 

The latest Manitoba Flood Report shows favourable weather conditions could lead to flood levels slightly less than 2009. With unfavourable conditions and use of the floodway, water levels at the James Avenue gauge could reach 20.5 feet.

123 properties have been marked as 'at risk' by the City of Winnipeg. Each property is being notified directly. These properties may require dikes and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Volunteers are not currently needed for sandbagging help, but the City is continually reviewing its flood protection measures, including monitoring river levels and filling sandbags.

Other Winnipeg properties may still be at risk for overland flooding due to snowmelt. The City has made sandbags available at three locations:

  • 1220 Pacific Avenue
  • 1539 Waverley Street
  • 960 Thomas Avenue

Homeowners are also being reminded to prepare for potential basement flooding. Take steps to ensure your backup valves and sump pump drainage systems are functioning properly and that all drainage is directed away from the home.