Many Winnipeg streets have seen some added colour over the last week with the crab apple trees in bloom. 

The spectacular pink trees Winnipeggers are used to seeing are rosybloom crabapples. Craig Gillespie who is one of the horticulture supervisors at The Leaf says, "They are edible. I know that certain communities do come and harvest them. I've never quite figured out what they do with them, and I've had people walk up and just pick them out of the tree and eat them and the garden and they said we do it all the time."

While Gillespie doesn't recommend eating them, they do have other uses. "I just leave them on the trees for the birds over winter."

He says to let them bloom and enjoy the colour that is not native to Manitoba. "They're a hybrid, they're bred for the colour." 

Although the season is almost over for the bright trees, Gillespie says that they can be seen at, "the English Garden, there's a couple of spectacular ones in there. Those ones I know very well because I've worked with them for 14 years, and they're fantastic every year."