Winnipeg fans are still buzzing after yesterday's critical win between the Jets and Minnesota Wild, securing their spot in the NHL playoffs.

Jets goalie Connor Hellebuyck made 33 saves which includes 17 in the third period. 

"It's phenomenal. It feels great in here," said Hellebuyck after the game. "We did it as a team and I couldn't be more proud of the guys.

Adam Lowry, Mark Scheifele, and Mason Appleton all scored goals in Tuesday's game to clinche the winning spot with an end score of 3-1. 

The Jets needed at least one point to make it to the playoffs but the teams was thrilled to gain two and move on. 

"Give credit to every guy in this room," says Scheifele. "We battled hard the last little while to get back to being in the playoffs. Obviously we wish we would have stayed at the top, but that happens. Everything happens for a reason, and we just have to trust in that plan."

The alternate captain, Scheifele, couldn't help but mention how crucial Hellybuyck's constant saves were to their win. 

"I think that game should have won him the Vezina," Scheifele said. "That game he played, the way he's played for us, he's our most valuable player. We wouldn't be where we are without him. He's been amazing."

The Jets have one game left on the schedule in Colorado this Thursday before they head to the playoffs.