A Winnipeg man is getting set to spend a month onboard a ship, but not just any ship.

30 year old Medhi Sefidgar, a 5th year Anaesthesia Resident in training at the University of Manitoba, will spend the next four weeks onboard the world's largest charity hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, in Point Noire, Republic of Congo. 


Medhi Sefidgar leaves Friday to volunteer on the Africa Mercy.. (Photo supplied with permission by Medhi Sefidgar)

The Africa Mercy is part of an international charity Mercy Ships...

Sefidgar's Attending Anaesthesiologist at the University of Manitoba, Dr. H. Reimer, volunteers with Mercy Ships every year and on each trip takes a resident along with him. This time round, Sefidgar was chosen.

He talks a bit about what they will be doing while onboard the ship...

Massive goiters, cleft lips and palates, cataracts, bowed legs and fitsulas are some of the common issues seen by Africa Mercy medical staff as they move from port to port in West Africa about every 10 months.

Sefidgar says, after nine years in training, he is excited to gain perspective again on his future career...

Sefidgar leaves Winnipeg on January 17th and will return home on February 14th.