Tell us something we don't know. American weather forecasting service AccuWeather has named Winnipeg one of the five coldest cities in the world.

While we're enjoying a mild streak right now, we did just come out of a classic prairie cold snap that saw wind chills throughout the city (and province) of -40.  But it's not necessarily the deep cold temps that got us on the list. AccuWeather cites the normal January lows of -20 to -22, which some of us might not consider "too bad." They do also reference some of the coldest days ever recorded, including February 18, 1966, when temperatures dipped to -45, and -47.8 on December 24, 1879 (neither temperature includes wind chill).

Just because we're one of the world's coldest cities doesn't mean we simply pull the covers up and hibernate, though. Check out our top 10 list of things to do in a Winnipeg winter