An entrepreneur is being put to the test as she launches her latest business venture and starts high school all in the same month.

Cassidy Busby may be 13-years-old but she is no stranger to the business world. At six-years-old, she dipped her toes into the world of business by helping her mom and sister with their own ventures.

The early experience, paired with family support, is giving Busby the confidence to continue on a particular trajectory. Busby says a late family friend, "Grandma Anne," was "Heavily connected to God" and told her something interesting when she was six years old.

"She just started laughing, and my mom was like like 'what is it' and she said 'oh it's big. God has a plan for you guys. It is so big but I can't tell you," Busby says. "Ever since then we have been coasting along, trying to stay with God."

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Now having seven years of practice behind her, Busby is excited about her new project. The teen was set to enter into her first year of high school when COVID-10 struck. Due to COVID concerns, her mom kept her home to learn there but for almost one month, Busby says she was not receiving anything from her school. To keep her mind busy, Busby says her mom told her to come up with a business plan.

Right after her mom gave her the assignment, Busby's ears were drawn to her television. 

"I was inspired by a comment by Dr. Teresa Tam. She said for proper mask hygiene you should be changing your mask three times a day while at school."

She says it was destined for her to hear Tam say that, at that exact moment. Busby is now using Tam's model to create and sell a mask system for students.

The Bug-A-Phobia kit for students. (supplied)A kit contains 15 masks. (Supplied)

Her mask business is called Bug-A-Phobia.

The 15-piece School Week Mask Kit has masks for five days. Three masks will be worn throughout the course of a day. Busby says each mask is labelled and colour-coordinated to make things easy for students. The teen says her mom helped her find manufacturers and set up a website to kick things off.

Busby believes her business-spirit comes from her mom but is also a gift from God.

"You don't have a spirit without Him," she says. "There is no business without God."

Busby says without God, there is nothing.

"There would be no us. Without God we have no souls, we have nothing. We are empty, and we do not exist and there would not be anything without Him. I always believe (in putting) God first."

Keeping communities in mind, the teen is hoping to donate some of the profits to charities she loves.

"Once everything takes off, we have agreed to put 10 per cent of our money toward's God's Kingdom."

In addition to the donation for the ministry, she says they also hope to donate one per cent to Project Girl to help end human trafficking.