This year, Winnipeg's "Life Hike" is taking place outside individually as well as virtually.

Rose Sanders, the President of Life's Vision in Winnipeg, says, "The Winnipeg Life Hike is a hike for life where we congregate together in normal circumstances. Then hold banners and signs that support life and show the value of life as we walk on the sidewalk along busy streets."

There are multiple messages on the signs, but each one represents "valuing life from fertilization to natural death," says Sanders.

While the organization was hoping for an in-person event like in years past, they decided to have people walk or hike on the same day, in a place people choose on their own.

Sanders says, "Our decision this year with COVID is to have introductory remarks online on Friday evening. Then on Saturday, September 26, we invite people to take their family or friends in their circles to go on their own hike."

While on the hike, people will be "taking pictures or videos that then they would submit and we would combine them into a presentation that we would show Saturday evening."

Sanders was part of last year's hike in person, and while the topic of abortion and euthanasia can be divisive, she says the event was respectful. 

"For the most part, it was very quiet. We had a few honks in support and a few that may not have been. Other than that it was tame."

Anyone interested can participate in a number of ways. If people cannot hike, the organization is also offering lawn signs and apparel. 

"Funds raised will go towards raising awareness of the pro-life issues. We're an educational resource organization and we want to expand those."