There's 'snow' place like home to do frosty fun outdoor activities. 

More people than ever are getting outside this winter with many different activities available inside the city limits. 

Exploring Nature Inside the City

Sarah Semmler is the Curator at the Living Prairie Museum off Ness Ave in Winnipeg. 

"We've taken some of our usual activities online. We have a winter speaker series on zoom," says Semmler.

They also have some trails in the park surrounding the museum. 

"While we can't lead any interpretive hikes right now, we are still encouraging people to come out to the site. We have self-guiding hiking trails at the museum. We do have cross-country ski trails as well, a 1.3 km loop."

There are also 30 new winter trails being groomed and built across Winnipeg right now, put on by the Winnipeg Trails Association.

$5,000 for the new trails was provided by the city's Winnipeg Wellness Grant. 

Winter Equipment Rentals

Tim Woodcock is the owner and operator of Woodcock Cycleworks in Winnipeg. The company rents out winter equipment.

"One of the reasons we rent equipment is to encourage people to come out and try what sell ahead of time," says Woodcock.

They offer rentals on fat bikes, snowshoes, cross-country skis, skate skis, and snowshoes for as short as a day and up to a week. 

"It gives people, especially with COVID going on, a lot more opportunity to get out and do different things. Everything has been renting out like gangbusters."

They book rentals online so people can minimize interaction.

Winter cycling. Winter cycling. 

Information on Where to Do What

A new website was formed that offers the people of Winnipeg a map of where different trails are. It's catchy title will help people remember it's name, Winterpeg

The maps show different trails for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, skating, and biking around the city.

Another thing it offers is how to make different things in the snow, including ice candles, snowmen, and quinzhees which people can share their finished products with other Winnipeggers on the site. 

While there are restrictions when it comes to gathering, getting outside in the fresh air (whether it's in your backyard or on a trail) is always a healthy way to keep active, even during a pandemic.