Darren Mulligan, the lead singer of the Christian band We Are Messengers, was thrilled to see his parents take the step of faith in getting baptized this past Sunday. 

"My Mam Carmel Mulligan and Dad Frank Mulligan got baptized last night in the church community that I came to faith in 17 years ago," says Mulligan on social media. 

The singer shared that he didn't grow up going to church in Ireland. His parents were not Christians. Mulligan loved music in his childhood which led him to pursue a career as a musician. 

He met his future wife Heidi when Mulligan was just 19 years old. The couple endured many hardships in their years of courting, including Mulligan jetting off to the U.S.A to pursue his dream of being a rock star. He lived the life of excess with drinking and fooling around with women. During that time, Heidi was invited to church in Ireland, and it was her newfound faith in Jesus that ended up turning everything around. 


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"We watched on with 3 generations of Mulligans who knew nothing of Jesus before my wife @heididresing came to faith in 2006 and the fire of God has spread through our family. It’s been so beautiful to watch."

Mulligan gave his life to Christ in 2008, a few weeks before he married Heidi. The couple have three children together. 

"I remember each of my kids as little children praying night after night for their grandparents and hoping that they’d give their lives to Jesus. Last night we all witnessed a miracle."

For all his fans who have family that aren't believers, Mulligan shares his encouragement for them to keep the faith.

"Keep praying friends, don’t give up. Trust in Jesus."