There's power in prayer.

Broadway-First Baptist Church is gearing up to restart the monthly prayer time on Saturday, January 27 at 10:30 a.m.

"Prayer is such an important part of church congregation life that we need to gather and make it a positive thing too, to gather together and pray for each other, and especially pray for the community," Pastor Charlene McAlpin shared. 

Getting together with others in the community once a month, to pray is so important. McAlpin continued with the thought process behind this. "We thought, why don't we gather the community together to pray and as the time goes on? We've realized that this is not something that can be held in one community. Let's share it across the whole city or province if anybody wants to come in."

McAlpin mentioned how this prayer time started, even though it was a bit bumpy at first. "I have been at another church, which is a sister church to Broadway First Baptist, which was Cornerstone. We had some very strong prayer warriors and we always talked about, how we needed to get together and pray. We need to have the whole community pray together and it was just kind of a talk at that point."

She said how this has been months in the making. "Last year was about June that we started to at Broadway really come back to that idea that we need to get together and pray. And so I connected with my one friend at Cornerstone and she said, yeah, I'm willing. Let's set a date and let's just start to pray. We got together a couple of times. It was a little rocky at the start to get the word out there and to get people together, but now we're looking at a new year and everybody loves to start something in the new year, something positive."

Going forward, McAlpin is excited for what's to come. "We've committed to the next three months at the end of the month to just get together on a Saturday and open it up to the community, open it up to the city, open it up to any church or any person who's got a heart for God. We will bring requests to the Lord in prayer and of course afterward, as far as Baptists go, we do love our coffee time, so there will be some time to get together and chat and have tea coffee."

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