Police say they have one woman in custody after allegedly getting a then-13-year-old in her care to perform sexual acts on adults in exchange for money and drugs, and sexually assaulting the teen's younger friend.

In March, the Winnipeg Police Service was called to a home about a disturbance between a 15-year-old and their non-familial caregiver.

While speaking with the teen, police learnt that between November of 2020 and March, the child's guardian gave them alcohol and drugs, telling them to perform sexual acts on men and women. The teen, who was 13-years-old at the time, was directed to perform the acts inside vehicles and at their home in exchange for drugs and alcohol for the guardian.

The teen's 12-year-old friend was given drugs and alcohol by the same suspect during this time period. Police say the suspect sexually assaulted the child on one occasion.

The Counter Exploitation Unit began an investigation, charging the woman on Friday.

"The Winnipeg Police Service is committed to addressing the sexual exploitation of women and girls in our communities.  We all have a societal role in protecting those vulnerable to exploitation," the Winnipeg Police Service says in a statement,

The 32-year-old Winnipeg suspect is charged with:

  • Material Benefit from Sexual Services Provided by a Person Under 18 Years
  • Procuring Person Under 18 to Provide Sexual Services
  • Parent or Guardian Procuring Sexual Activity
  • Sexual Interference
  • Sexual Assault

Police say if exploitation is going on, to contact the Counter Exploitation Unit at 204-986-3464. If they are in immediate risk, they ask people to call 911 immediately or the Winnipeg Police Service at 204-986-6222.