As thousands head outdoors for some winter fun, the Winnipeg Police Service is reminding citizens of the present dangers regarding our bodies of water, especially at this time of year.

The WPS says in a release that solid ice has not completely formed in and around all of our waterways this winter, due to fluctuating temperatures. "Marked ice trails for outdoor activities, such as The Forks, have been checked for thickness, but this does not translate to neighbourhood creeks, rivers, retention ponds, etc."

Ice conditions on retention ponds can change rapidly without warning, winter runoffs, which may include street salts that affect freezing/melting points, drain into these collecting points, the release says. "Water entering the pond under the ice surface, can lead to thinning ice that can't always be seen from above. All of this may contribute to a dangerous situation."

The police services says that unless it has been marked as safe, people should stay off the ice. 
"Every member of the community should be on the lookout for a potentially bad situation," the WPS says, encouraging citizens to watch out for others on the ice.