The WRHA says that while investigating a care home, they found several serious issues, including the usage of PPE.

After sending WRHA staff to Maples Long Term Care Home, president and CEO Vickie Kaminski and chief health operations officer Gina Trinidad say they have found issues in the documentation of feeding and hydrating residents.

"I will be candid, we have identified a number of issues that concern us," Trinidad says.

Maples has issues with infection control, staff stabilization, the recording of resident hydration and nutrition, and others.

Most notably, they have found issues regarding the wearing of PPE. Kaminski says the staff needs to be vigilant with their PPE and will be monitoring and enforcing the proper use.

Currently, at Maples, there is no PPE station for workers.

Kaminski says there will be training on how to properly wear and dispose of PPE. This will be monitored and enforced by the WRHA. Intervention at the site, such as a rapid response team, will be called as required.

Overall in Winnipeg, there have been 187 positive cases of COVID-19 in PCH staff. The WRHA says 64 people have recovered, with 111 active cases. She says these cases could have been contracted in the community as well as in the facility.

"We are actively pursuing all opportunities to improve the care in personal care homes and to keep people safe," Kaminski says.

The WRHA is not planning to take over the facility.

Overall, there have been 357 cases of COVID-19 in care home residents. 189 people have recovered, 68 people have died, and there are 71 active cases in residents. 

Of the 38 care homes in Winnipeg, 25 are experiencing outbreaks. Kaminski says staff and management are exhausted but are working hard to care for its residents. She is asking anyone who is retired to consider working at a PCH during the outbreak to help.