The Youth for Christ in Altona will not only be getting an upgraded space for teens but more programming as well. 

Sheridan Sawatsky is the Executive Director of the Youth for Christ in Altona

"Primarily we've been a drop-in space for the area's teens. A space where anybody can come and hang out, converse with their peers and staff," says Sawatsky.

Before COVID the centre saw roughly 100 teens pass through their doors in a year. 

"But in the last few years, we've seen a real need to provide something more for our teens. Obviously, we do a lot of discipleship and mentorship in a relationship we form with the youth. But we also saw the need to provide more."

Another local business, Friesens Corporation, has offered YFC a portion of their warehouse. This space is roughly eight times bigger than they currently have. 

"That will allow us to provide, not only way more space for teens, but we're also really investing in our programs that provide more opportunities for them."

A new program is said to launch when the new space opens up. Sawatsky believes that will be in December of this year. 

"Makers Space is a space dedicated for youth to have access to tools and expertise to try something new. For example, we have 3D printers and 3D design software, VR setups, and woodworking equipment."

Sawatsky shares that this will provide an opportunity for teenagers in the area to have a creative outlet. The new space and equipment may also provide skills for a future career one day, according to the director.