Younger Really Is Better When Buying Life Insurance Because You’ll Never Be Younger Than You Are Today!

So, some specifics of life insurance came up recently and I wanted to share some info I’m sure you’ll want to know more about. 

Has something changed in your life that requires life insurance? 

Maybe you talked with some friends, family or co-workers and they recommended that now is a good time to get life insurance. 

What’s going on in your life?

Typically, most personal life insurance purchases involve some changes that are taking place or have already taken place in your life. Things like getting married, having children, maybe a new job that might also carry some new and additional risks that you didn’t earlier have to contend with.

For others, maybe they’ve just put off getting life insurance for whatever reason. Maybe you thought it was too expensive. Maybe it didn’t seem like it was that important to have. There are many reasons for not purchasing life insurance.

Based on some of these reasons or changes, you’ve decided the time for life insurance is now.  You’ve decided it is something that you need, and it will bring peace of mind for you and/or your spouse and your family.

Younger is better!

The younger you are, the less you’ll be paying each month, so the more affordable life insurance will be. 

Why? Because, every year that you age, the more risk the insurance company will take which will raise the price you pay. In other words, just getting older advances you towards your life expectancy and life insurance is the protection you purchase so your family can financially deal with that event, especially when it happens at an unexpected, younger age. 

Understand that as you age, the cost will go up for the above reasons, but by purchasing life insurance at a younger age it will be much more affordable.