A Manitoban singer-songwriter was inspired by Song of Songs for her first single and hopes listeners will connect with the message. 

Arielle Jodine has grown up singing all her life with a family of worship leaders. She was always drawn to write her own music. Six years ago she began to finally put the words of her heart on paper. 

Jodine soon put together a collection of pop-jazz Christian songs but had no intention of recording just "an overflow of my heart," she says. One day during a vocal lesson, she sang an original song to her coach and was encouraged to put her music out into the world. 

Jodine says all her songs came out of times with the Lord. She consistently would find inspiration from bible meditations and scripture passages. "If you listen carefully, you can spot what verse or chapter a song is from," Jodine says about her new EP. 

She chose the single titled 'Your Perfect One' based on Song of Songs 5:2. The lines 'your sister, your love, your dove, your perfect one" struck a chord with her. "It sounded like the end phrase of a love letter and I just thought 'I want to write a love song that signs off that way'.

"I felt like it had a good hook and a good message; I love it," Jodine says.

She hopes that all those who hear her music will "encounter the Lord as I have in the love that he has for me," Jodine says. 

Arielle Jodine's making of the single 'Your Perfect One'.