Are you looking for a Christmas movie to watch? We have your top must-watch list!

We went to social media and let you chime in on what movie you need to watch every year. Here are the results of our Christmas movie survey:

5. Home Alone


This 1990 slapstick Christmas classic is still popular with many people. You might be able to have a couple conversations with your kids, too, on some of the topics that come up. Like respect for others, as you watch Kevin's transformation from disobedient eight-year-old to a tender-hearted boy.

4. A Christmas Carol


Quite a few people are fans of the original screen adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic Christmas story.

3. Miracle on 34th Street


This movie is 70-years-old this year. While the movie focusses on Santa Claus, it can certainly open the door to family conversations about faith in what others might dismiss as fantasy.

2. Elf


Nico certainly isn't alone. This Will Ferrell movie has quickly become a classic for many families.

1. The Nativity Story


The Nativity Story came in number one, as it should! A good way to watch the nativity come to life, we recommend watching it with Gospels' accounts of the nativity in mind, as well.