Growing up, one of my parents' coworkers in the missionfield was one of the first converts I can remmeber to the use of a Bible App. Every Sunday, out comes the Palm Treo (Back when Palm was THE smartphone) for readings from the Bible in multiple languages (Chinese And English), multiple translations, and with enhanced searching and references instantly at hand. That utility was both novel and uncommon for a very long time.

 Nowadays, look around you at a church service and a good number of people taking God's word are doing it through a glowing. And chances are if you're one of them, you're using well known-Bible App YouVersion. YouVersion just a huge milestone - users of the App now have 1000 translations of God's word - all of which come down 700 different languages. The record-breaker 1000th translation is Deftera Lfida Dzratawi, or the New Testament in Hdi, a Cameroon indigenous language.

Many general have lamented a woeful seemingly irreversible departure from the printed word, but others say hope should be found in increasing readership and a net gain for the exposure of printed texts. This is also how Bobby Gruenwald, lead developer and creator of YouVersion, sees YouVersion's success. He highlights the milestone for its ability to shed light on the ongoing efforts in Scripture translation. It is also the fruition of a massive collaboration with diverse group of Biblical publishers, Bible Societies, and Organizations.

YouVersion has been downloaded a total of 140 million time, with over 87% of Chrisitians with Internet access and more content than any other Bible App. However, as YouVersion staff explain, the journey is not over - with over 7000 distinct language spoken across the world, there is much work to be done.

You can learn more about YouVersion here.