A documentary created by a Winnipeg filmmaker, which became the top-grossing faith documentary of all time, is now paying back its crowd investors. 

Stephen Gray's After Death hit 2,000 theatres across Canada and the United States on Oct. 27 and came out #4 at the box office, taking in $5,060,815 and making it the #12 highest-grossing opening for a documentary.

Angel Studios – the platform empowering creators to crowdfund, create, and then distribute films and TV series globally with full creative control - is excited to congratulate its feature-length documentary, After Death, on gaining enough box office success to generate a return for the 1,857 Angel Guild investors who funded the film’s theatrical marketing budget.

“Once again, the Angel Guild members who invested in an Angel distributed theatrical release are getting a return,” said Neal Harmon, CEO and Co-Founder at Angel Studios. “We’ve previously seen this happen for the Angel Guild who helped launch His Only Son and Sound of Freedom. We’re thrilled, but not surprised, that those individuals who funded the P&A for AFTER DEATH are seeing a return.” 

Over 1,800 crowd investors raised $1.235 million to fund the Prints and Advertising for After Death. Those investors will now receive a 120% payout.   

After Death is Angel Studio’s third theatrical release behind Sound of Freedom.