Walking, it's something we do every day, but quite often we take it for granted. 

In Mark Buchanan's latest book, God Walk: Moving at the Speed of Your Soul, he explores one of the oldest spiritual practices of our faith, walking.  

"I walk a lot. None of it is heroic. I've never done a great pilgrimage or anything. But I became very interested in what was happening in us when we walk," explained Mark Buchanan. "So spiritually I'm interested in that, but also the physiology of it, how relationships can go to a new level when we walk with somebody, our attentiveness to our environment and our ability to really see the creation around us and experience in a way different from what we're used to."

Part theology, part history, part field guide, God Walk: Moving at the Speed of Your Soul explores walking as spiritual formation, walking as healing, walking as exercise, walking as prayer, walking as pilgrimage, suffering, friendship, and attentiveness. It is a book about being alongside the God who, incarnate in Jesus, turns to us as he passes by--always on foot--and says simply, "Come, follow me."

Today on Connections, Mark shares the inspiration behind this book and how we can use walking as a way to draw us closer to God.