A 20-year-old man from Fort Frances, Ont. now has an incredible experience and photo he'll never forget after reviving a muskie underwater. 

On the opening weekend of muskie fishing, Aiden Wielinga, a fishing guide out of Manitou Weather Station, was asked to guide acclaimed travelling fly angler, Rebekka Redd. 

"On our second day out, she has a big muskie follow and she caught it on the figure eight on the second turn. We snapped a couple pictures and after it was a bit of an ugly picture," Wielinga says describing injuries the fish sustained.

"It ate the hook pretty deep and it took longer to take it out than we had hoped. We sat there for about 15 to 20 minutes try to revive it, but we were in a warm bay," said Wielinga.

That's when Wielinga decided to jump in to bring the fish to deeper and colder water. 

"As I was doing that, Rebekka snapped a picture, which turned out fantastic!" he added. 

Their fishing tale came to a happy ending as Wielinga was able to revive the 47-inch muskie.