The MLA for Burrows has announced her run for leader of the Manitoba Liberals.


Cindy Lamoureux made her announcement outside the Legislature this morning, pulling up to her press conference on a motorcycle.

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"The Manitoba Liberal party needs a leader. A leader that is going to take charge, face issues head on, a leader that can fundraise for the party, something that we desperately need right now," she said.

At 25, Lamoureux says she recognizes she's young; she calls her age a wonderful asset that she's taking full advantage of.

"People are always saying that young people are the future; no, young people are today, so allow us that opportunity to shine."

She also referred to Ed Schreyer, a former Premier, who was first elected as an MLA at 22, as an inspiration.

The Lamoureux family is no stranger to politics. Her father Kevin Lamoureux is the MP for Winnipeg North and her uncle Darrin Lamoureux leads the Saskatchewan Liberals.

Rana Bokhari was the last leader to lead the provincial Liberals into an election. She resigned after an election that saw their party take just three seats in the Legislature. Lamoureux is so far the only one in the run to replace her.