Siloam Mission is inviting Christians to their 2nd annual Truth and Reconciliation Gathering at The Leaf as a way to draw closer to Christ and the community. 

"We have been really blessed at Siloam to be advised by wonderful folks in our reconciliation journey," says Tessa Blaikie-Whitecloud, the CEO of Siloam Mission. "It's super important for us to live into Christ's call to build right relations with each other." 

Siloam Mission is a Christian organization that works to help Winnipeg's most vulnerable population including those facing homelessness. They have been working toward reconciling with the Indigenous community as over half the population that uses their services are Indigenous. Part of the reconciling is sharing what they've learned with the community as a whole, which is what this 2nd annual gathering is about. 

"Last year was the first gathering. There are great speakers this year. One of the speakers is talking about his journey of forgiveness and what reconciliation looks like in that context. Another is talking about how we can create our own action plans to engage in reconciliation meaningfully as Christians."

The event is free and open to the public but people are asked to register in advance, which can be done here. The gathering takes place at The Leaf at the Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg and runs over two days, May 30 and 31.

"This is a great event for youth groups and for people who are in leadership in faith communities and want to better understand, as a Christian, both how do I respond to Christ's commandments around reconciliation and how do I respond appropriately in a way that builds good relationships with my neighbours that are Indigenous."

While the event is a time for people to learn about Christian's past and present relationships with the Indigenous community, it's also an opportunity to unlearn things, according to Blaikie-Whitecloud. 

"One of the biggest pieces is that this isn't a contradiction. Engaging in reconciliation strengthens our capacity to live into our Christianity. Understanding the relationships on this land and the people who have stewarded it for generations, and their relationship with God, all of that makes me a better Christian."


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