It has been 40 years since Lisa Elliott entered the world of ministry. During that time, she experienced plenty.

Lisa recently released a new book, A Ministry Survival Guide: Straight from the Heart, that explores the challenges of life in the spotlight of ministry. 

"It can be a lonely road in the life of ministry," said Lisa. "I just felt the pandemic kind of secluded me and brought me into a place of solitude and brought me out of the spotlight of ministry to just sit with my thoughts and reflect on my own 40 years of journeying in ministry as a pastor's wife and a woman in ministry herself."

The idea for this book has been percolating for years, and Lisa says the time seemed right to release it now. 

"I've got four Bibles that I have journeyed with the Lord since I was 15 years old," said Lisa. "In each one, I have highlighted verses as they've jumped out off the pages to me. I've made comic notes throughout my Bibles."

When the pandemic happened, Lisa says she looked at those Bibles, and it all started coming to life.

"There was no way I could keep it to myself," Lisa explained. "When I started considering it, and it was more percolated, the more it started bubbling up, and I couldn't contain it. It doesn't mean anything until I can share it with others. If others can learn through some of the lessons I've learned or the challenges I've faced, it's worth sharing."

In her book, Lisa explores the joys and challenges of life in the spotlight of ministry. Through relatable stories, survival tips, biblical mentors, and a Bible study guide, Lisa provides a valuable resource for pastors’ wives, women in ministry, and anyone who desires to thrive, not just survive in the Christian life.

She says this book will not only help readers learn to live a public-private life in ministry but also balance family and ministry and prevent burnout. It also tackles how to grow through personal challenges and build a Godly support system, all things that Lisa says she has experienced in her four decades in ministry.

Today on Connections, Lisa shares some of her experiences in ministry in hopes of helping others.