Chris Tomlin and his wife Lauren are celebrating this Christmas with an early gift.

The couple welcomed their third child, Elle Grace Tomlin, into the world on Monday, December 14. They also two older daughters - Ashlyn, 9, and Madison, 6.

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The pregnancy was a surprise for the couple, and the 48-year-old father was inspired by the news to write a Christmas song called 'Miracle of Love.'

"Isn’t she lovely...Isn’t she wonderful...," the worship leader writes in an online post announcing the birth.

"Elle Grace Tomlin has arrived to our world and we couldn’t be more grateful.  She is precious and beautiful.  Babies are miracles...Lauren and I are counting our blessings and soaking up our little “miracle of love”.  Time seems to stand still at the moment."

"It's an incredible privilege to be a dad with these girls, and especially girls," Tomline tells PEOPLE. "I feel like there's a special thing that a dad has with girls, and so I'm really grateful."