A multimedia company based out of New City Church is sharing their heart to help people across Manitoba share their stories through art and experience. 

Created by MADE has released their first full project, a music video for Tanya Elias' first single, 'Find You' alongside a min-documentary about her life. 

Bomba Ng'andu is the worship pastor at New City Church. He is one of the members of Created by MADE.

"It is essentially a creative outlet and platform. The heart behind it is to tell people's stories through their creative expressions, or gifts and talents," says Ng'andu.

While New City Church has its members as the team group of people helping create the stories, Created by MADE is hoping to expand beyond one church.

"It's birthed through New City. The core group of people that launched it were from New City. But the vision and idea are to be something that people across Winnipeg and even across Manitoba can be involved in."

Created by MADE is looking for unique stories and experiences, and then they want to help people share them with the world through media. 

"If you look close enough at everybody, everyone is created in some way."

Ng'andu and his team are looking for creativity outside of the usual places such as music or art. Ng'andu says sharing people's passion for hairstyling or carpentry, are good examples. 

"A few of us got together and pitched this vision. Tanya brought one idea to the table, which was Made. We've been created and made by God. When we create and make something, we're actually reflecting God creating as well."

The idea grew into an acronym from there. Music, art, design, experience. The group has a second and third project in the works. 

"All I can say about the second at the moment is that it focuses on a different form of art, not music, and it has to do with the power of words," he says.