He's been on a spiritual journey that's led him to dive into theological studies, and now he's back with a music project that testifies to that journey.

Winnipegger Nick Betzing isn't only back with more music, he's also back in his hometown after pursuing a Bachelor of Biblical Studies at Millar College of the Bible in Saskatchewan. Betzing is continuing his education, working on a Master's degree in Biblical Studies through Millar, but able to do most of his work from home.

Betzing, who used to perform under the name 'Zing,' took some time away from music to focus on his schoolwork. "For a time it just didn't seem feasible to make music, my studies took precedent." But, he says, this past winter he found himself with time and space to start recording again.

Out of that his new album Pilgrim was born, which he just released. The album features 12 songs.

"It's just a real, raw, album about really the Christian life. In some ways, it's about coming to Christ, and at the same time it's about the sanctifying process of being a believer," Betzing says. And, while he began writing the album long before the COVID-19 pandemic, he says that the things he wrestled with while writing are the very promises from God that he clings to now in the midst of the crisis.

"Ultimately, the promises of God in His Word, and clinging to God's character ... one of the songs is called 'Tell Me,' and it's really about God's response to Job in chapters 38 to 41 in the book of Job. I've been clinging to just the sovereignty of God, all things being in His hands. Him bringing the best good ultimately, and through the best means. We can trust Him in these times."

You can find Pilgrim online, including purchasing the album on iTunes.