A 13-year-old girl from Texas is showing everyone that there is no limit to achieving your dreams as she becomes the youngest person to be accepted into med school. 

On June 30 Alena Wicker from Dallas, Texas became the youngest person and black female to get accepted into med school at the University of Alabama Heersink School of Medicine.

"Today I'm just grateful," says Wicker on Instagram where she goes by Alena Analeigh. "I graduated High school LAST YEAR at 12 years old and here I am one year later I've been accepted into Med School at 13. I'm a junior in college. I've worked so hard to reach my goals and live my dreams."


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Wicker was homeschooled and has a long list of achievements. She started reading at 2 years old, learned high school algebra in the 5th grade, and at 12 became NASA’s youngest intern where she studied robotics.

"We don't see a lot of girls, or women, in STEM," says Wicker. 

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Wanting to inspire her generation, she started the 'Brown STEM Girl Foundation.'

"Mama I made it," says Wicker on Instagram. "I couldn't have done it without you. You gave me every opportunity possible to be successful. You cheered me on, wiped my tears, gave me Oreos when I needed comfort, you never allowed me to settle, disciplined me when I needed. You are the best mother a kid could ever ask for. MAMA I MADE IT! You always believed in me. You allowed me space to grow and become, make mistakes without making me feel bad."

On top of her gratitude to her mother, Wicker gave thanks to God. 

"I pray God blesses me so big you never ever have to want for anything in this earthly life. You sacrificed so much for me (people have no idea what we have been through) and here I am while it seems so far away the end of this college chapter is going by so fast. MOMMY I MADE IT!!!!!"

Her Instagram account also includes videos of her singing praises to God with her mom. 

"No matter what happens in life I choose to trust God in everything I do," Wicker shared on Facebook. 

If she meets her goals, Wicker will become a medical doctor at the age of 18, according to KPNX.