Adult and Teen Challenge is opening an office, resource centre and Mini-Thrift Store in Steinbach.

Daniel Emond, CEO of Adult and Teen Challenge of Central Canada says, “We've always provided help and ministry to the Steinbach area and we know that there are a lot of families that have already been impacted by our organization. But we realized that we needed to get involved a lot more on the day-to-day support aspect of helping families in finding hope in the battle of addiction.”

Adult and Teen Challenge operates centres throughout northwestern Ontario, through all of Manitoba, including Thompson and Flin Flon. Emond says they are excited about their Steinbach location.

When asked why the need for an Adult and Teen Challenge office in Steinbach, Emond says,

“For many years Adult and Teen Challenge of Central Canada, has solely focused on our long-term residential program for men and women struggling with addiction. Then about seven years ago, our leadership team decided that we wanted to get a lot better at what we were doing. We had great success with people that came into our program and then graduating from our long-term program, but what we found was, we weren't doing that good of a job with families and people that were at the beginning of the journey to recovery. We wanted to reach people at the point where they realize that they’ve fallen into a life-controlling addiction. So, we decided to expand our reach. We were given a mission and a vision of putting hope within reach of every family struggling with addictions. Thus, the Community Outreach initiative was created. A plan to have community outreach offices in most towns or cities in our area of influence in central Canada, including Steinbach.”

In addition to the Adult and Teen Challenge office and meeting rooms set up at 258 Main St, Unit B in Steinbach, they have also opened a Mini-Thrift store at the back of the building. Emond says,

"One of the exciting things about the expansion of our Super thrift stores is, yes, they're providing revenue for our organization, but they're also providing a place for our students to take part in our vocational and work therapy programs.”

2021 08 teenchallenge4

Through the Adult and Teen Challenge “Successful Living Program” students of the program get to come and get retail experience. They learn about pricing a product. Experience warehousing and more. But what’s really exciting for Emond is that these students are then certified so that they can actually go and get a job at any retail place or any warehouse or any truck driving business.

As for donations for Steinbach's Mini-Thrift Store, Emond says, they accept gently used items ranging from clothing to furniture. As for vehicles, he says you can still notify the Steinbach office and they will arrange for it to be picked up and brought to their Vocational Vehicle Shop on the outskirts of Winnipeg.

2021 08 teenchallenge2

The Adult and Teen Challenge Mini-Thrift Store is at the back of the building, while at the front of the building they have offices and meeting rooms where they offer their “Ready Now” Recovery program. This new program is a non-residential and non-intensive outpatient program to providing recovery, support and treatment for addiction.

Emond explains, “This program is to offer help for an individual or loved one or perhaps you know someone that's struggling with an addiction, get the help they need. We have education and support, that's all being done at the front part of the office.”

In regards to the grand opening event on Saturday, August 7, Emond says they will have dignitaries on hand, many of who have been big supporters of Adult and Teen Challenge over the years. There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony with BBQ and balloons from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Everyone is welcome to come out and show their support.


*Written by Adi Loewen