Kristina Hurrell has always had a passion for travelling. Growing up near Windsor in England, she used her fast-paced Dior modelling career as an escape to explore global cultures.

When she was just 20 years old, Hurrell was invited to photograph a Bedouin tribe in the Sahara Desert. She didn't think twice and took the offer.

"Through my grandmother, I have strong faith that God is really there and he will protect me," says Hurrell. "I was walking with stride and purpose into the experience, knowing I'd be protected."

That trip did not turn out as planned. Soon, her daring exploration of the Bedouin tribe and mesmerizing desert landscape shifted to traumatic encounters of adversity and danger. 

"The Bedouin Sheikh really fancied me. I didn't realize that," Hurrell explains. "I started to realize that he had other alternatives, and I realized I needed to come back."

She hired a man from a hotel to be her security to help her escape via camel. Hurrell says she prayed that God would lead her and show her where to go, and he did.

"My relationship with God has been so wonderful. I'm really aware of each situation that he has guided, inspired and protected me." 

Hurrell has now taken her experience and is sharing it with the world in her new book, Captivated: An Adventure in Faith. She says she is also working on a script to make a movie out of her experience.

Today on Connections, Kristina shares her unbelievable story of escape and how she chose to trust the power of faith and not fear.